We understand that the sound of the ‘xeremies’ is part of the very essence of our island and as such is something that we should strive to preserve, strengthen and promote.
However, that doesn’t mean that it should be seen as something archaic that is part of folklore. The ‘xeremia’ is an instrument that is very much alive, more than ever! And we are well aware that to keep it that way we have to promote it and make it move with the times both physically and musically.
That’s why we are convinced that the ‘xeremia’ has a marvellous future, where it will always stand out as a folkloric instrument but where it will also be considered as a musical instrument in its own right,  that can be enjoyed by musicians & public alike.
At present we are trying to introduce other instruments to the ‘estol’ (group) of ‘xeremies’, eg. the Tarota , recently recovered from the chest of time. We are also trying with violins, other percussion instruments etc.
We also would like to introduce other tones and are experimenting with other tonalities: G major, D minor, F major…. always looking for different kinds of rhythm to enrich our repertoire and avoid being monotonous, as much for ourselves as well as for our listeners.